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About Jeff Silverman and Palette MSP, VSN & Palette Records

Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) is Palette MSP’s virtual online music recording studio. VSN allows Jeff Silverman to work with artists and musicians worldwide! Jeff is a voting member of the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing with nearly 40 years’ of experience in the music industry.  He has worked on Emmy and Grammy-nominated projects such as “Mists of Avalon” with Palette Recording artist Aeone. He has also produced, mixed, mastered, co-written, edited and performed on a number of gold, platinum and award-winning projects for artists such as Rick Springfield (refer to songwriter discography). Jeff co-founded Palette Records in 2013 with award winning artist Debra Lyn, “a label created by artists – for the artists.”


Virtual Studio Nashville Virtual Studio Networks (formally known as Virtually Studio Nashville)
allows Palette Studio (MSP) to interact and work with artists and musicians anywhere in the world – with the ability to stream high fidelity stereo audio direct from our studio / Avid Pro Tools HDX to your computer in your own home/studio. No complicated set up on your behalf – you can listen with the sort of quality needed to make your mix & mastering real time tweaks. In addition, you can participate in live sessions in our studio utilizing very common programs like SKYPE, FACETIME, ooVoo, etc. Nothing like conducting a full blown session in the comfort of your own home!! And, think of the thousands of dollars you’ll save on travel expenses, hotels, lost work etc. AND… this can be done across the country or for that matter, across the globe with multiple users participating at the same. All you need on your end is a computer with iTunes, a reasonably stable internet connect (preferably hard wired) /access and a pair of headphones or speakers of your choice.

Palette is also set up to run Avid Pro Tools on your computer remotely so that you can record in the convenience of your own home or we can record musicians from other locations.

We are continually working to improve this setup and are in the process of reviewing different options where Palette can record you directly from your home/studio into our “virtual music studio” in Nashville.

Other VSN features:

*Free screen sharing and online messaging

*Easy to connect multiple screen sharing capabilities

*Unified audio & international conference lines with toll free number (up to 250 calls or screen shares)

*Ability to take control of your computer/ program of choice either on PC or MAC

*Watch your Avid Pro Tools session on your screen while streaming stereo high fidelity audio.

The videos on this page are great examples of this technology. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss this for your project.

Virtual Studio Networks Example 1

Virtual Studio Nashville - Jerzee Session

“It’s Only Rock n’ Roll
But It Feels Like Love”
with Jerzee feat. Tyler Reese

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Music Studio Productions, Nashville TN

This video shows us all “havin’ some fun” conducting a real time session in 3 different locations around the globe while doing guitar overdubs in real time. Everyone is tied into Palette Studio as the hub for this connect via VSN!

Jerzee is in Hamburg, Germany, Tyler Reese is in Fredericksburg VA & Jeff Silverman is running the VSN session @ Palette MSP in Nashville, TN.

For more info on Jerzee’s new CD: “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll
But It Feels Like Love”

Its Only Rock ‘n’ Roll But It Feels Like Love Video

For more info on Tyler Reese:

Virtual Studio Networks Example 2


“Body Bag”
with Dustin Walker
and Tyler Reese

Co-written, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Music Studio Productions, Nashville TN

This video shows and describes the VSN process in more detail and demonstrates how 3 different people from 3 different locations can accomplish guitar overdubs while everyone is participating in real time.
Jeff is the hub for the VSN session via Palette MSP in Mt. Juliet, / Nashville TN while Dustin is in Channahon, IL (Chicago) and Tyler is in Fredericksburg, VA. Tyler is doing lead guitar overdubs to the Silverman/Walker version of “Body Bag.”

“Body Bag”

Vocals and Electric Guitars by: Dustin Walker
Lead and Electric Guitars by: Tyler Reese
Background Vocals by: Dustin Walker and Jeff Silverman
Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitars , Keyboards by: Jeff Silverman

Virtual Studio Networks Example 3

Oxford Train
“Life Is A Song”

The video shows the final mix tweaks that we all did in real time through via VSN (Virtual Studio Networks). I was streaming live audio from my Avid Pro Tools HDX System in Nashville directly to Steven’s laptop in Rochester, N.Y. Socks and dirty clothes are optional. HA! Just kidding guys! Sort of… :)

Mixed and Mastered By: Jeff Silverman – Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) – Nashville, USA

Drums: Jeff Silverman



Virtual Studio Networks Example 4

Two years in the making, Aeone delivers a powerful yet, inspiring body of work in her 6th studio album including the title track video release of – Love Is The Healer. Jeff Silverman and Aeone produced and arranged the album. Jeff also mixed, mastered and engineered the project and co-wrote on a number of tracks from Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) while connecting with Aeone via Palette’s Virtual Studio Networks (VSN) in Nashville, TN. Aeone recorded from The Chateau, her studio in Los Angeles, CA.

 From Aeone

Love Is The Healer was created by Aeone and longtime collaborator, veteran producer and songwriter Jeff Silverman, 2000 miles apart in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. During the entire creative process, including recording, mixing and mastering, Jeff and I used Palette’s VSN virtual studio set up (Virtual Studio Nashville) to communicate. Files were sent back and forth via the internet until the mix/ mastering stage. This process was a continual “passing of the torch.” For the creative process, files were constantly being traded off to each other as we were working on the arrangements. When it came to the mix, Jeff would take the torch and paint his picture. Then send it off to me to listen and comment. Then we both would hook up via VSN, streaming audio directly out of Jeff’s Pro Tools session, screen sharing and talking on the phone while making our final mix /mastering tweaks.

In addition, files were transferred to India and back while collaborating with Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy Award winner for Best New Age Album.

I am so proud of the work we have done together, each song feels seamless – where one person’s ideas end and the other’s begin. It was not only a great collaboration, but also a tribute to Jeff and his unique ability to tune into where I wanted to go as an artist and expand on that, rather than change it for the sake of making his mark. That being said, his imprint and input are absolutely apparent throughout the album.

Love Is The Healer – Palette Records 

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