About Mixing & Mastering:

Note From Jeff: Below, listen to a vast array of Indie to award winning projects and artists that I have had the honor of working with, while utilizing the many different services I offer at Palette MSP such as mixing, mastering, engineering, performing and arranging. Please click on the thumbnails below to hear song samples and read additional information about the projects and artists.

Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) and Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN), located in Mt. Juliet / Nashville, TN, offers world-class studio production services driven by the talents of its founder, Jeff Silverman.

Note from Jeff: While building this site, it was important to me to not only show you the different aspects and contributions that had gone into each project, but to also give you some background on the artist themselves as well and whenever possible, give you links to their site so you can support and enjoy even more of their amazing music! I'm constantly adding more music and artist projects to this category and this website so be sure to check back from time to time! 🙂

About Jeff: In addition to his credits for engineering on the Emmy Nominated “MISTS OF AVALON,” Jeff has also mixed, mastered and edited for artists such as: Charice, Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, Prince, Richard Marx & Barbra Streisand and Stephen Bishop and Rick Springfield. To see more credits, please go to:

Jeff Silverman - Discogs

Jeff Silverman - All Music