Being a Different Kind of Music Editor

The Anime shows below represent the first 8 - 10 episodes or even the first few seasons, that are produced with original score. That audio is then given to me to re-edit and sometimes compose new music for the remainder of the series. A show can easily have 100 episodes in it's lifetime before going into reruns and/or syndication. Some go well into the 100's and even turn into full length movies!

I consider my style of music editing, re-composing with existing cues and stems from previous episodes. Sometimes, that "library" can consist of music cues from several different shows.

A Music Editor can be the life blood of a composers residual income since we are the ones reusing their cues, which in turn, are listed on a cue sheet that is submitted to the composers PRO. We are not only the composers "best friend", but the producers of the shows! We save thousands on the music budget and at the same time, make thousands for the composers while they are working on their next show! Musicians can then get more work since the producers can afford the "bottom line" music budgets so everyone in the "chain" wins.

Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) and Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN), located in Mt. Juliet / Nashville, TN, offers world-class studio production and music editor services driven by the talents of its founder, Jeff Silverman.