About Music Editor Before and After:

Note from Jeff: These examples below are completely edited with existing library cues scored from previous shows. The Avid Pro Tools section of this example shows the wall to wall music approach and stacking of cues upon other cues I had to implement in order to make the music work to picture. Hitting on as much action as possible was the M.O.

Although the objective was to use the show's existing library, there were times that I needed to compose original score for specific moods and/or melodic & character signature lines that were not in the library.

Because each composer supplied me with several designated break out stems of their cue, I was able to reuse parts of those stems or combine elements from those cues with original score (or from completely different cues & breakouts), which kept the library sounding fresh. This method of music editing is in actuality, recomposing cues.

These shows started out with 8-10 episodes of original score (averaging around 20 minutes of music per episode). After that, all music was "recomposed" by me or a team of music editors for anywhere from 100 or more episodes utilizing those same cues and break out stems. Great way for the composers to earn more cue sheet residuals while they were scoring 8-10 episodes for the next new show!

At the end of each episode, I made a cue sheet for the composer and/or production company to submit to each composers PRO.

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