We recommend that clients with project files that need to be transferred to Palette Music use one of the file transfer platforms listed on this page. They are quick, simple, secure and free!

If you have any questions, concerns please contact us for assistance.

If you are sending more than 1 item, please place all media in a folder and “zip” the folder before you send it.
If you prefer FTP upload access, please contact us and we can set up a private FTP site for unlimited uploads for your project.


upload media to Dropbox...

(Free – easy to use)
Sign up for an account
You can then create a folder to upload your files and “share” with Jeff/Palette.

upload media to hightail-formerly-youSENDit...

(Free – No need to set up an account)
This method of uploading is good for 1 file at a time. We recommend that multiple files should be in a folder and then zipped before uploading to HIGHTAIL. Uploads are good for up to 2 gigs per file / upload. You can upload multiple times as long as your 1 file is not larger than 2 gigs.

How To Zip Files:

For Mac: Right click on the folder you want zip and choose compress

For PC: (On Windows XP, Vista, 7 ) Right click on folder and choose “Send To” Compressed Zip Folder. A zip folder will be created in the same directory as your original.
For Windows 8 and RT: https://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/zip-unzip-files


FILEZILLA CLIENT (apps for all platforms)
(Free – easy to use)
For people that are savvy with FTP programs, Palette can also offer an private drop box through our server so you can drag and drop as many files and folders as needed. This is THE MOST efficient way to work together since we can use this to transfer files back and forth throughout your project. Once you download the program, please e mail me (add link: jeff@palettemusic.net) and we will send your login information. This will be for your personal and/or Private drop box addy.