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Aeone - Window To A World “Window to a World” had it first release in 1991 and it is a great pleasure to re-release it into the “world” again. It has been beautifully re-mastered by Jeff Silverman. Two new unheard songs have been added from the back catalog to the line-up – “Color My Eyes” and “We Will Always Be Together.” To both these songs and to “Then We Dance,” we added steel guitar as a new element – which brings a unique flavor to the sound. “Then We Dance” was also remixed.

“Window To A World” had a limited release in 1991 through Rincon/Rhino records. Prior to this, there had been a tremendous amount of interest from different record labels whilst making the album. However, the market in the U.S. hadn’t opened itself to the big Celtic/Pop crossover that came with some now well known artists just after this. So the minds of those companies were very closed as to what to do with it, what category to place it under or what radio station to play it on, etc. The power was all in the hands of the record labels in terms of new artists and new sounds and there wasn’t a clear path – as there is now via the internet, iTunes, myspace, youtube, etc. for an independent artist to make their mark.

“Window” was the beginning of an important creative journey for me. As I look down the years from my current musical standpoint – I can see that even though my music has shifted, changed and evolved in many different ways – the seed was planted in this album and it is from this seed that my sound today grew.

I wanted to share this palace of origin with all those who experience and enjoy my music. In listening to it again all these years later, somehow the album still stands the test of time and is something to be proud of. Regardless of the era it was recorded in, what is still present, is an uplifting group of songs, a really unique creative energy, this sense of discovery and some really wonderful players and performances. This is what I wanted to share again.

This CD also marks the beginning of my long and fruitful collaboration with Jeff Silverman. He is the producer of this album and a comrade in the writing of it and my dear friend. Without a doubt, he is more potent with talent than almost anyone I have ever met. Jeff was also searching for something different musically himself – something he could feel passionate about. So it was somewhat of an artistic vehicle for him too and a new sound emerged through our creative alchemy.

Jeff was a successful songwriter and producer at that time and was signed to Stone Diamond – the Motown publishing label and so had quite a “groove” in him. However, he also had a strong “pop” sensibility and an understanding of bluegrass. These were all elements that he brought to the mix.

Notes from Aeone:
I have a deep affinity for old Celtic folk songs and music – these were the first things that I sang and played and the music that moved me most. Having just come to live in Los Angeles from England, I somehow felt these old musical roots more strongly. I felt this need to express something that was more authentic to my roots and at the same time bring it into “now.” I wanted to bring the essence of something traditional or ancient into a contemporary setting. I’m also interested in the magical, the ethereal, that place that we go to where all things are possible, where you can dream true and “Window” was the starting point of bringing those ideas into “sound” form.

Although you can pick out different flavors and styles in “Window To A World,” at the time, it wasn’t necessarily derivative. It was more of a merging of sounds and of styles. It might be hard to hear that all these years later, but in beginning of this body of work, there wasn’t anything out there that was an influence. So I would say there is a “sense” of “country” with the addition of steel guitar. “Face of Africa” began a journey of blending a “world” music feel into the music… There is also quite a universal pop feel – which isn’t necessarily as present in my later work… but, was a strong influence of that time.

“Window To A World” is a collection of heart stories. Long ago all news was brought through song by bards or minstrels who traveled from town to town – stories in song form were passed down in this way from generation to generation. This is how we remember and connect to the ancient part of ourselves.

Within all stories lies the opportunity to be transformed by allowing the sprit to be transported to another place, another time, where life takes on a different colour and texture, where magic is possible and we can dream true.

The heart stories of “Window To A World” take you to those places, if you wish to go. They are both old and new, both full of joy and with some sadness, some uplifting and some full of whimsy – but all come from a place of truth and were written and sung with great love.

All tracks produced, engineered and mixed by Jeff Silverman at Palette Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Originally mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Digitally Re-mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Studio, Nashville, TN

All songs arranged by Jeff Silverman except “Savannah,” “Hands of Love” and “Portrait of a Dream” by Aeone and Jeff Silverman

Styling: Randall Scott
Make-up/Hair: Barbara Farman for Cloutier
Photographs by: Charles William Bush and Sonia Kesheshian
Back CD cover painting by Judithe Randall

Palette Music Website & Graphic Design, CD layout and design by: Debra Silverman, DLS Graphics

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Lead Vocals: Aeone
Background Vocals: Aeone, Jeff Silverman, Kathy
Hazzard, Mona Lisa Young, Seay and Jack White
Guitars – Acoustic/Electric: Jeff Silverman
Bass: Jeff Silverman
Keyboards: Aeone, Mark Ross, Jeff Silverman
Mandolin: Byron Berline, Jeff Silverman
Banjo: Billy Ray Lathum
Steel: Dave Pearlman
Bagpipes and Pennywhistle: Paul Lewalt
Drums: Jack White and Tim Aller
Percussion: Rick Geragi, Jeff Silverman and Aeone
Sound Design/ Sampling: Paca Thomas

Note From Aeone:
Thanks to all the amazing and gifted musicians who played and sang on this album. Whenever a new idea arose – the right person would appear to play and somehow their performance was imbued with this special energy that the project had and were true gifts.

The album is a combination of synths, sound design, programmed and live drums which create a bed of sound and blend into the organic feel coming from the live players. There is a strong Celtic overtone within the songs, but we’re using bluegrass fiddle and banjo in this pop format. We also used live bagpipes, pennywhistle, mandolin – some very organic and traditional percussion.

Special thanks to my family and my friends both in England and in the United States, for their great love and continued support. To Jeff Silverman, for your incredible talent, endless creativity and belief along the way.


About the “Magical Works Video”
“Window To A World” is a glimpse from Aeone’s musical past. “The Magical Works” represents Aeone’s music as it is today. This a collection of five video segments – a journey that takes us into the creative imagination and beauty of Aeone’s unique music and work. Shot both on location and in studio, the exquisite imagery is scored and edited to Aeone’s music. Each segment telling it’s own story, highlighting a different aspect of Aeone’s vision as an artiste, composer and performer.

Directed by the visionary Chris Dane Owens and beautifully edited by Jennifer Barlow with Art Direction by CDO and Aeone. Costumes and Styling by Aeone. Still photography – Neil Lawson-Baker. All the music was written, produced, performed and mixed by Aeone – except three of the segments listed above, mixed and mastered by the wondrous Jeff Silverman